The article that got it all started. The value of astrobiology Excerpt from “Statement of Sara  Seager, Professor of Planetary Science, Professor of Physics, MIT, before the  ( USA) House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, United States House of Representatives, December 4, 2013



The Square Kilometre Array (SKA): Scanning the Skies for Life – Where it Began, Where Else it Exists, and What it Signifies by Maureen Arges Nadin



Where Faith and Science Meet by Maureen Arges Nadin



Kepler Mission by Maureen Arges Nadin



Galileo by Maureen Arges Nadin



First Contact by Maureen Arges Nadin



Kepler 444 by Maureen Arges Nadin



Alien Contact: Are we really ready? article from  Redorbit website about Professor Gabriel de la Torre’s paper in “Acta Astronautica” –  Toward a New Cosmic Consciousness :  Psycho-educational aspects of contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations”



Post Detection Policy ( protocol for governments to follow after confirmed detection of an extra-terrestrial signal )  definition and history from Wikipedia